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10 Sept, 2023
The best, purest, natural, and organic moisturizing cream I have ever come across. It's so safe for my sensitive skin and makes it look healthy, supple, and smooth, leaving my skin glowing. I am definitely going to continue purchasing this cream for my face.
Susmitha K
22 Nov, 2022
Liked the product but did not understand why the bottle had water in it? Does the weight include water along with the product?
19 Aug, 2023
Best moisturizer!!! Helped me heal a rash on my foot!! Most amazing cream!
23 Jul, 2023
This is the most amazing moisturiser I have ever used. It is hydrating and has no side effects. I have super sensitive skin but it suits me so I can guarantee it suits every skin type. I can notice my skin glows after 4 days of using this product.
12 Jul, 2023
Liked the product very much. Using for my 10 year old girl for eczema healing. Got complimentary shampoo sachet liked that one as well.
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Shat Dhaut Ghritam, an ancient Indian moisturiser with cooling & healing properties which repairs skin from in...

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  • Benefits - The cooling properties of Shatadhauta Grihtam provides instant relief from burning sensation and burnt wounds, it aids in rebuilding of dermal tissues and supports healing of skin, It is an amazing astringent, anti-wrinkle and cleansing cream suitable for all skin types, Its anti-inflammation property helps in soothing the pain caused by skin irritation, It helps in removing scars, spots and dark circles from the skin, chapped and dry lips. It can also be applied over the skin before the bath to treat dryness of the skin, It gives an even-toned skin by removing various scars of acne, chickenpox etc., Its astringent qualities help in balancing the skin doshas.
  • Ingredients - A2 Cow Ghee, Water, Vedic Chants and Positive Vibes
  • Shelf Life - 6 months
  • Recommended For - Whole family even toddlers, all skin types, dry skin, normal skin, combination skin, Senstive Skin , Extremely Dry skin
  • How to use - Apply very little quantity on clean face or any body part and massage gently. Can be used any time of the day.
  • Fragrance Notes - Ghee
  • Care Instructions - Due to hot weather, Shat Dhaut Ghritam may melt, refrigerate it for better texture & to avoid spillage. , Presence of little water in Shat Dhaut Ghritam is natural, remove excess water, if any. , keep away from direct sunlight, Store in a Cool, Dry place away from Direct Sunlight , Keep away from moisture, keep away from fire , keep it covered when not in use
  • Origin - Rajasthan, India
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Shat Dhaut Ghritam is an Ayurvedic recipe which is considered to be a pinnacle of skin healers. It is the only cream which penetrates to the innermost layer of the skin and heals it from inside. It is the most gentle cream which is suitable for all age groups including babies.

Our Shat Dhat Ghritam is made in an authentic way prescribed in Ayurveda by washing pure desi A2 ghee with water in a copper vessel 100 times, 100 rotations each time. Therefore ghee is rotated 10,000 times, which removes all impurities of ghee and reverses the properties. It becomes fluffy, non sticky, non oily and very cool unlike normal ghee which is oily, sticky & heavy.

Vedic chants are played in the background while making it which plays a pivotal role in enhancing its magical properties and enriches it with special healing powers, energies and positive vibrations.
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