RABODI - WHOLE WHEAT BITS [Healthy & Wholesome]-150g

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Rasatva’s Signature Rabodi (pronounced as ra-bo-ri) is a homemade traditional food item originated in Rajasthan.

Made with buttermilk and whole wheat, Rabodi is tasty, wholesome and incredibly versatile.

It makes snacking no longer a guilty pleasure, but a healthy one.

Its versatility allows endless preparations and the perfect balance of taste and health.

It can be added to curries, quick-snacks, stir-fries, baked dishes or simply tossed into salads.

Serving as a great base for all your culinary imaginations, dry Rabodi can be kept for several months and cooked as you need. 

  • Signature Food

  • 100% Natural

  • Healthy & Wholesome

  • Home-made with whole wheat and buttermilk

  • A traditional food item from Rajasthan

  • The perfect balance of health and taste

  • Boil and add to soups, stews and salads to make it into a healthy meal. Great for weight watchers.

  • Can be added to Rajasthani, Gujrati or Sindhi style kadhis or a bowl of lentils (dal) and had as a nutritious meal.

  • Toss it into stir fried vegetables for a wholesome snack.

  • NO MSG, Preservatives or Added Flavours

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Rasatva, in ancient Vedic literature means essence that enhances flavor and empowers the nourishing quality. Inspired by the primal Vedic knowledge, Rasatva is an endeavo
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